The 1x1x1 Rule

Its that special time of the year when all of our fitness habits get tested!

I've been working with clients for the past 7 years and when the holiday season comes its typically a very trying time for people. We all deal with obstacles, whether they maybe travel, peer pressure, parties, or just a lack of healthy options. But I believe there key to overcoming these obstacles is having simple plans in place so that you never miss a beat with your progress.

So, I propose you try the 1x1x1 rule.

The 1x1x1 rule is simply having 1 plate of food, 1 alcoholic drink, and 1 desert. Understand, its not about being perfect when going into the holidays, it's about having a plan in place so the wheels don't completely fall off. When discussing nutrition and training with clients, the topic of longevity naturally comes up often because what we're building isn't just about the present, it's about the future.

Building for the future starts with creating a solid foundation. To help create that foundation, I like to ask;

How can we create awareness?

And how can we build the proper habits for you to be successful in and out of the gym?

These are important questions because in order to have long term success we have to establish a foundation, and strong foundations are made up of rules such as the 1x1x1 rule.

The last thing you want during the holidays is to feel like all of your hard work has been undone. Let's create plan for whatever life throws your way.

Whats your plan to stay on top of your game throughout the holidays?

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