3 Books That'll Keep You Inspired During The Winter

Hey everyone!

We know how tough the winter can be at times. There are many holidays, which means a lot of holiday parties, which also means a lot of food, and between the winter cold and our everyday obligations it can be tough to stay motivated.

No Worries, we have you covered!

One of the many things Nicole and I have talked about incorporating into our daily routine is reading. Reading has become meditative for us and serves to expand our perspective and understanding of the world around us. With that being said we'd love to share some of the books that have inspired us recently and hope they will do the same for you!

You Are Awesome!

Author: Neil Pasricha

In You Are Awesome, Neil Pasricha opens up about the ups and downs of his life and what has lead him to become the New York Times best seller he is. With each up and down he writes about, Neil points out incredible lessons about change and resilience that he gained from each situation that can be applied to ones everyday life. I'm not a fast reader and finished in two days. It's an excellent read and and full of nuggets to keep you motivated during this time of the year.

Living With A Seal

Author: Jesse Itzler

Living With A Seal is as funny as it is motivating. In this book, Jesse Itzler tells of the time he hired a Navy Seal to live with him for a month. Crazy! Jesse learns valuable lessons about the discipline and mindset that separates Navy Seals from the rest. Very lighthearted, inspiring, and flat out funny.

The Joy of Movement:

Author: Kelly McGonigal

The Joy of Movement connected with me immediately. As a personal trainer and just someone who has loved fitness as long as I could remember, this book expresses what exercises does for ones mind better than I ever could. In this book, Kelly Mcgonical tells stories of how exercise and community have changed the lives of many and explains the research around why exercise is has been so important for us humans.

We're always looking for new books to read!

Please let us know some of your favorites.

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