3 Tips Balancing Home and Work Life During Quarantine

We are onto month 2 of quarantine living and are still learning new ways to work and live in the same space. Reality is, we are going to have a new “normal” what used to be is not going to be for a long time. Instead of being afraid of the change let’s find ways to make the change work for you. It’s important to have a distinction between work time and rest time. Check out these 3 tips on how to have a healthy work/home life balance.

1. Have a morning routine.

a. Even though you’re at home and may not need to be “office-ready” it’s important to start the day in a positive mindset. You don’t want to start the day feeling rushed. If you had a great routine pre-quarantine start your day with that routine. If you didn’t have a great routine, use this time to create a routine! Start with a walk, yoga, breakfast, mediation, work out something to get you in a positive mindset. Create a routine so that your brain and body know when this “you” part of the morning is over it’s work time.

2. Plan breaks during the day.

a. When you’re at the office all day most people take a lunch break and sometimes other little breaks throughout the day. So often I hear people say they sit at their workspace at home and don’t get up again until dinner. Plan breaks. Have your lunch in a different place than you work. Go on a walk. Have a mid-day workout. It’s important to move both for your body and your brain. Reality is you’re not productive constantly working. Experts say you should be taking a 10-15 minute break every 75-90 minutes for optimal output. You working through lunch does not give you a badge of honor, it makes you less productive.

3. Have a designated workspace or at least a designated no working space

a. Living in the city, I don’t have the luxury of ample space to have an “office” space or designated working space. Victor and I share the space so we move around each other as needed. Since I can’t have a designated working space, I have made NO working spaces. I don’t sit on the couch or in bed until I’m done working for the day. This way, when I am done working and I sit in this place my brain knows it’s time to rest.

What are the different things you have found helpful in creating a work/homelife balance?

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