4 Tips For Adapting to Change in an Ever Changing World

We don’t like change. Yes, some people are better at handling it than others, but as humans change is something we naturally resist. Something we fight at every turn. Reality is, eventually change happens whether we want it or not.

How can we be better equipped at handling it?

Well, funny you asked. Below are a few tips to help you have a better relationship with change. These tips are not a cure for anxiety triggered by change, but are a tool to help our perspective when change eventually rears its beautiful head.

Tip #1: Be Water

We wont always have control and to hold on to it with a death grip is counterintuitive when change happens. An overbearing sense of control can cause us to be rigid, which causes us to have an hard time adapting to the ever changing world. Bruce Lee famously tells us to Be Water. Being like water allows us to be fluid, able to adapt on a drop of a hat.

Tip #2: Check Over The Horizon

Change can be like a groundhog, it usually pops its head out before it completely shows itself. Whether it’s in business, our careers or our personal lives, there’s usually a sign that change is coming. The best thing we can do is stay vigilant and begin to embrace the change before it becomes a full on reality.

Tip #3: Where There’s Change, There’s Opportunity

This one is extremely important! We don’t need to be victims when change happens. We can use this time to become innovatative in work, dive into self care, explore our creative side, spend time we normally wouldn’t have with loved ones. Whatever the situation calls for, there’s an opportunity in it, we just have to look for it.

Tip #4: Remember the Mantra

Change is good, change is necessary. This is important to remember. When youre facing change make sure to repeat this and look for the bright spots in it all.

How are you navigating change?

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