My Top 5 Quarantine Revelations

It feels as though quarantine, as we have known it for the last 3 months, is beginning to come to an end.

But to be honest, as happy as I am to return to some resemblance of normal I'm already starting to miss the isolation of quarantine. It has provided a great amount of introspection, time for myself, and appreciate things significant and insignificant in my life. Here's 5 revelations I've had during the quarantine.

  1. Good/Bad Habits Magnified

I've always had great fitness and nutrition habits. From time to time I indulge but it's all about balance right? I'm naturally a night owl so on Friday and Saturday nights I'm usually up pretty late (1 am/2 am). BUT at the beginning of quarantine, every night was a Friday or Saturday!! It actually took some time for me to get into a good routine but i finally did mostly due to having to wake up early for clients (you guys are the best).

2. Opportunity To Go Inward and Try Something New.

In a crisis, there's always opportunity. One of the first opportunities I identified was the chance to go inward and frankly throw s*&# at the wall. I've taken the time during this quarantine to read, meditate, journal, and rest so much more than I have in the past. In a time that causes so much anxiety and fear, taking that kind of self-care was imperative and I knew it. When it came to trying something new, one of our first ideas here at On Wellness Reset was to do a virtual reset, and it went great!!

3. I Never Needed Much

I never needed much. Simple as that. We live in a small apartment in the middle of Philadelphia and we had everything we could ask for (more space would've been nice). We quickly realized we were content with what we had but more importantly, we were content with what we didn't have. We often go through life gathering we things we don't actually need and the line between need and want are often blurred.

4. The Outside

In the beginning of the quarantine, there was a stretch I didn't leave the house for 5 or 6 days. I had a moment where I forgot I was human and as you may know, humans need sunlight. Whether it was going for a mid-day walk, run, or bike ride, I knew I had to safely get out and do something or I was going to go crazy.

5. What's Important

Through all of the craziness that has been the quarantine (or 2020, whatever you may call it) I've been reminded over and over again whats important in my life. My close relationships, health (mental and physical) and time are all things I will fight to not take for granted going forward.

What has been some revelations of yours during the quarantine?

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