5 Tips to take the stress out of packing for travel

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

If you feel like this when it comes to packing for travel, then check out our five ways to take the stress out of packing.

1. Pack a carry on

This may sound silly, but this way you don’t have to worry about checking your luggage and worrying about if it will arrive. Furthermore, it will force you to bring less stuff that you have to keep track of. When I studied abroad I thought I needed a giant suitcase since I would be living out of it for the next three months. My Nana told me to look at my suitcase and take half of the things in it out. I thought she was absolutely crazy and insisted on bringing my giant suitcase. While I was away I cycled through the same handful of outfits and more than half of my clothes and shoes remained unworn. Furthermore, it took my roommate's suitcase two weeks to arrive from being lost. She was stuck borrowing clothes and buying new ones. Now I always bring a carry-on.

2. Break your trip down

I like to make a list of the days I will be gone then break the days down into the kinds of clothes I will need.


Day 1 (Hiking and nice Dinner)

I will need a set a Pajamas, Hiking pants and a top, a nice out fit for dinner.

Day 2 (Beach and cooking at the Air BNB)

I will need a set of Pajamas, Swim Suit, walking around outfit

So on and so forth. I will then go through my list and decide how many of each out fit I will need. I will not need 5 pairs of Pj’s I will bring two pairs for the trip and cycle through them.

3. Create Outfits

Before I learned how to pack effectively I would go through my closet and throw random pieces of clothing that I liked on the bed and pack them. When I would go on my trips I would have a super cute top but I forgot to grab bottoms to go with it. I now create outfits. No piece will be left unworn because it does not have a match.

4. Check the weather

Check the weather! This is a common mistake. People assume, it’s the summer here, it will be nice where I’m going. When we traveled to Iceland in the summer we kind of assumed that exact thing. We loved every minute of our trip, but we wore layers upon layers because we did not plan for the cold weather and bring jackets. Now we always check the weather. We went to Ireland in March and chose to bring our winter coats. We ended up being so grateful that we had something nice and warm when it was windy and rainy.

*Tip- If you’re brings bulky hiking shoes or winter coats, instead of trying to pack them in a carry-on wear them on the plane. The coat will be a nice blanket when you get cold.

5. Double check charging items

Especially if you are traveling abroad and staying in an Air BNB make certain you have the proper converter. There’s nothing like getting to your place after a long trip and realizing you have no way to charge your phone that is now on 5%. If you are at all unsure check with your host or hotel, they will be able to tell you what you need to bring.

What are some of your favorite packing tips?

We would like to hear from you!

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