6 Tips for Nutrition to Dazzle while you Travel!

It can be difficult to eat healthy while traveling. You just want to explore and eat everything that you come across. I have found that I can eat healthy while traveling with a few pre-prep ideas. Try these tips out and see if your next adventure can be a little more healthy and delicious!

1. Check out restaurants online before finding a place.

Figure out what restaurants serve authentic cuisine. While in Paris, I noticed so many restaurants only had greasy, fried food. The restaurants were trying to appeal to tourists and serve what they thought tourists would like. After that experience we always check out restaurants ahead of time especially if we can’t speak the language. We want local and fresh. Ask locals where their favorite places are!

2. Try to book a place with a kitchen or if staying in a hotel at least a mini fridge.

This will allow you at the very least to store a few healthy snacks. I personally love going to local markets and trying out the local cuisine while I’m traveling. What better way to expand your taste buds than by going to the local market, picking up some crowd favorites and making an authentic meal. If the place you’re staying does not have a kitchen find a local park that has a grill and enjoy a picnic dinner.

3. Pre-pack overnight oats.

I put the oats, cinnamon, and chia seeds in individual bags already measured. All you need is milk and berries and you have a delish breakfast or snack. I have found that in my travels I like to indulge in one breakfast, then for the rest of the trip I grab a granola bar, fruit or over night oats to start my day. I don't have to spend time or money in a restaurant. I can start my day right away with adventure.

4. Bring some of your favorite snacks.

I will bring packs of peanut butter, nuts and granola bars. Sometimes while exploring a new place you forget to eat or can only find junk food. It’s always great to have a few snacks handy. While in Berlin we did a bike tour around the city. We stopped for lunch, but other than that it was 8 hours of biking and learning about the city. I was so glad we had some snacks in our bag so we didn't have a grab cookies or chips from a food stand. I'd rather save that for the local vegan donuts! (Check out the Berlin eats blog to find out more)

5. Log your food ahead of time.

Plan ahead! In the morning give yourself an extra 5-10 minutes to log the food you’re going to eat for the day. If you don’t eat everything, no worries, just take off the things that you didn’t eat. If you’re not able to log in the morning, just take a few minutes before bed to log.

6. Snack with a Purpose

If it’s not something you REALLY want then don’t have it. I guarantee you won’t look back and wish you would have had that bag of chips versus that gelato. If you’re in Rome, maybe skip the pie so that you can have the Gelato you have been dreaming of. At dinner, skip the bread and eat the pizza! Enjoy, but don’t over indulge.

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