A Taste of Berlin

While we were in Berlin we indulged in so many delicious foods and found a TON of great eats. Did you know that Berlin has a HUGE vegan population? Neither did we! Luckily for us, we LOVE vegan food. Check out a day of our eats!

Before we started our day we enjoyed delicious avocado toast! They served it with one of my favorite accompaniments, HUMMUS! I eat hummus with most things, I love it on my eggs, avocado toast, sandwiches, tacos, ect. When I tell people in the states my combo they give me a crazy look as if they have never heard of this. I'm so glad Berlin and I were on the same wave length. Accompanied with a delicious coffee, we were fueled up and ready for our day of adventure!

Victor is a donut connoisseur. When we travel he has to try out the local donut offerings. Brammibals Donuts did not disappoint. We enjoyed about a mile walk from our place to the shop. As you walk to the shop you pass an open air market where local food, art and clothing is available for purchase. After all the shopping who wouldn't be hungry for a donut? The shop is across the street from a lovely canal where we sat on a bench and munched on our delicious treats!

After a long day of eating avocado toast, and donuts who wouldn't be ready for lunch?! Con Tho had amazing food and a whimsical atmosphere. We enjoyed our meal on the outside patio which is situated with a luscious garden on one side and a view of the buzzing street on the other. Across from the restaurant is a park that made for fantastic people watching. We enjoyed our Vietnamese meals with fresh pressed juices. We loved it so much that we went back for a second visit!

One of our favorite things to do when we travel is to meet local people and experience the culture through their perspective. Luckily for us, this trip we were staying with friends who are locals! In town there is an abandoned airstrip that has been turned into a HUGE park. There is an area for hanging out with friends, a BBQ space, community garden, dog park, plenty of room for bike riding, running and skating, and at the end of the field there are a few old planes that teach you about the history of the space. Our friends would invite people to get together and have dinner on the airstrip. Everyone brought food for grilling and we enjoyed an amazing meal and conversations. Laying on the field, enjoying food and watching the culture of this place was magical to say the least.

Our friends own this amazing bar! Sometimes when I'm traveling, especially in an area where I don't speak the language one of the most intimidating places for me to venture are bars. Keith is not one of those places! Everyone is so welcoming! We hung out with people from all around the world, shared stories, experiences and of course a few libations. You must check this place out when you visit Berlin. Did I mention that they opened an art gallery across from the bar, culture and drinks? Count me in!

Berlin had so many amazing foodie options, these are just a few of our favorites. Check them out in your travels and let us know what you think!

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