A Time For Change

If you've followed us for awhile or if you are new to us (welcome) our events have always been about community.

No matter our differences, whether it be gender, race, or religion we've always been about the people.

That's why we think it's imperative we speak on what has been going on in our country over the last couple of weeks. For some people, the last couple of weeks have been chaos but for others, this chaos has been a constant part of their lives.

Systemic oppression has plagued people of color throughout American history and as a company, we will always take a stand against these oppressions. We want to see a world where no person feels less than another, everyone is treated equally and is accepted for who they are.

We don't think that's too much to ask.

This subject hits close to home for us and we are committed to continuing the conversation and taking necessary action to create change.

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