Calm Down, Everyone!

Occasionally we need to be told to take a breath and calm down. I was reminded of this by my three and a half-year-old niece on a family vacation and since then it has become a family joke/a way to remind us to calm down. While we were on a family vacation I accidentally locked us out of the house. Without thinking I shut the door without grabbing keys. The kicker was…my mom had a car full of groceries and my dad was arriving soon with my nana after driving 3 hours. Needless to say, the adults in the car were NOT CALM. As we were going back and forth trying to figure out what to do we hear a little voice from the back… “calm down everyone! It’s my fault I locked the keys in the house.” This precious little one just wanted things to calm down.

Sometimes we forget how our emotions affect not only us, but the people around us. This little three year old wanted everyone to calm down so badly she was willing to take the blame for locking the keys in the house (meanwhile she was in her car seat the whole time). So how do you calm down? Knowing yourself is very important. I am someone who creates extreme hypotheticals and what-ifs. I can work myself up over something that will 99.9% not happen. I have to create a balance so my nervous energy is not creating stress and anxiety for myself and Victor.

To CALM DOWN these are a few things that I find helpful.

1. Yoga

a. Ever since quarantine, I start the morning with a 10-15 minute yoga stretch. Something for me before the day gets going. Allowing my body to move and release nervous energy helps me start my day in the right mindset.

2. Devotional/Journal

a. Another habit I have created during quarantine. Before or after yoga I have a devotional to get my mind and heart in a calm place to start the day. Writing down my thoughts and my what-if’s is so helpful for me. I’ve now gotten it out of my head so I do not need to dwell on it.

3. Walking/Exercise

a. I have noticed that days I am extra anxious I typically have not moved. Pre-quarantine I would walk at least 2 miles a day between running errand and walking to work additionally, I would train 4-5 times a week. Now being in an apartment if I’m not aware I may only walk a .25-.5 mile per day. Walking, running, biking, home workout, they are all great ways to create endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals that help to relieve pain or stress, and boost happiness. No wonder it feels better when I move!

What are things you do to CALM DOWN?

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