Community + Connection: A Love Story

With our first day-long event coming this Sunday, I thought this would be a great time to talk about the importance of community and how it has not only played a vital part in the creation of On Wellness, but also the impact it's had on my development personally and professionally.

For me, strong community has always come with strong connection. When I decided to drop everything and pursue personal training full time, I was fortunate to fall into a great situation at Bells Bodies where tribe was important. This helped me not only grow as a trainer, but also, meet my amazing wife, build lifelong connections, and help me realize the life I wanted to create. During this time, I began to build another connection that would eventually become life changing for me. This connection was with Lululemon.

I was fortunate to become an ambassador for Lululemon and go on two different retreats where each time I came away with a deep feelings of connection, purpose, love, and ultimately nostalgia. Whether it was coming to events, retreats, or just hanging out at the Sagemore store, those feelings were always there. When looking back, those feelings have never left and to be able to give that feeling to others became my goal. Knowing so many people in the health, wellness, and fitness industry, I always wanted to create something that helps highlight others that are doing amazing work.

When we moved to Philadelphia a couple of years ago, I gained a new community. Philly Phitness has been an amazing space for me to grow as a trainer and work along side of some incredible people that I get to call my friends. During the last couple of years I've taken time to travel and grow. That time has led my wife and I to create On Wellness Reset.

Each community I have been part of has lead me to amazing opportunities, and most of all special connections. (This is all within the last 5 years, this is not even mentioning that incredible friends and family I have)

We want our events to be exactly this for others.

On Wellness day long and weekend events were built out of our love for community and genuine connection. We wanted to create a space for others to come connect, be mindful, exercise, and most importantly, just be. We all have a particular set of titles we walk around with everyday and it's not often we have space to shed those titles completely. This is important. We hope those attending leave with at least one new connection, a new goal, a new outlook, and warm feeling whenever they look back on this experience.

I know we will.

We look forward to meeting you Sunday and in the future ;)

- Vic

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