Community + Connection: Part 2

Here we are just two months after our first day long retreat and we're back with another one!

The goal of our one day retreats was always to bring people together. From our attendee's, to our instructors, and to the local entrepreneurs we work with, our events have always been about community.

In both of our careers, Nicole and I have seen the effects fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness can have on a person and the importance of creating a lifestyle centered around healthy habits. We've come to know great entrepreneurs and instructors looking to help people create that lifestyle and want our retreats to highlight them as well.

Even with wellness in mind, the two things our retreats are centered around is connection and community. We have a vision of what we want On Wellness to become, but no matter how it evolves, connection and community will always be at the forefront of everything we do.

After the success of our first event, we're happy to continue to build that community tomorrow, October 12th.

More stories will be told

More connections will be made

Our community will expand

And there will be plenty of smiles :)

Hope to see you tomorrow!

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