Creating a Culture of Positivity

Over the last few weeks, the topic of positivity and encouragement has continued to arise in my conversations. The idea that it is easy to fall into negative thoughts and feelings. We must combat this negativity with an intentional positive mindset. Think about the end of your day, do you normally sit down encouraged by what you have accomplished and looking for the flashes of joy throughout your day or is your conversation and thoughts geared toward the negatives. Words have the power to create such an impact on your life and the lives of others around you, both positive and negative.

Going hand in hand with being positive in your own life, do the people in your life feel encouraged and loved by the relationship that you have with them? When was the last time you told a friend or family member that they are a blessing in your life? These acts of encouragement don’t have to take exuberant amounts of time, it’s the thought that you’re putting into it that means something. A simple text or phone call telling someone that you’re thinking of them and you’re happy that they are in your life has the power to completely changed someone’s day.

As you begin pouring into the people that you care about, your life will begin to look more positive. When a friend asks me how my day was, I can choose to think about all the little things that happened that I wasn’t thrilled about or I can share the joy that happened during the day. Be the driver in a conversation choosing to take things down a productive road. Creating the culture of positivity in your community will become contagious.

A positive culture starts with changing your own mindset, then creating positive and encouraging relationships. Try reaching out to a friend and reminding them that they are special and a blessing in your life.

How will you choose to encourage others this week?

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