Updated: Jan 24, 2020

"To know yourself is to be confident. To be confident is to fearlessly express your potential"

- Andy Puddicombre, Headspace co-founder

I read this quote this morning and was delighted to see it hit on 3 major words that have been extremely important to me over the years. These words are, confident, fearless(ly) and potential. Early in my life, one of my biggest fears was not living up to my full potential, whatever that looked like in my mind. I quickly realized that having a lack of confidence resulted in me succumbing to my fears, which resulted in not reaching my potential in any given situation.

Classic example of a domino effect, right?

Recently, I completed a couple of things on my bucket list that absolutely scared the sh*t out of me! I skydived for the second time (first time in Dubai), and bungee jumped (first time). Believe me when I say this, there wasn't much sleep the night before either.

If that wasn't bad enough,

To make it worse,

They were a week apart!

I had so much fear and anxiety leading up to the morning of both of these crazy life threatening stunts. But underneath all of that anxiety and fear, lied a beautiful lesson about fear, confidence, and potential.

The moment you jump, all of those feelings disappear and you're in it. What's left is the adrenaline of taking a risk, and there's nothing that feels quite like that.

Great things are on the other side of fear; and to step up and look whatever it is that causes that emotion directly in the eye and move forward nevertheless is courage.

I've found that consistently going against my fears has brought on more and more confidence over the years. Like most things in my life, I compare going against my fears to exercise reps. With each rep, I gain strength, better self awareness, and ultimately confidence in my abilities to handle whatever it is that my mind tells me to be fearful of.

This empowers me to move forward against fear because make no mistake, it'll always be there, but so will the opportunity to overcome that.

How're you being fearless?

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