Goal-ing with Gratitude

This weekend Victor and I had the privilege to host our first One-Day-Reset! The day was better than I could have even have imagined. Throughout the day the word gratitude kept coming up in conversation. It became a theme to the day. Why are you grateful you can participate in activities, who are you thankful for, what are you're grateful for about yourself?

As we went into the goal setting portion of the day we started by putting ourselves into a positive mindset and writing down three things we are grateful for. Additionally, we reflected on things in the past few years that we accomplished, then thought of the people who helped us to accomplish those things. To solidify the mindset of gratitude wrote one of those people a letter to say thank you.

So often we get busy with life and forget to say a simple thank you. I challenge you to be intentionally grateful. Try writing a letter to someone who has influenced your life. Tell the barista at your favorite coffee shop that you appreciate the delicious coffee they made you. You will be shocked how two simple words can change someone's outlook for the day.

In closing, thank YOU for being apart of our community. Whether you read our blogs, like our social media posts or attend our events, we notice you and we are grateful for you! We hope that you enjoy our entries. If there is anything you want us to write about leave us a comment or email us. We would love to talk to you!

With a grateful heart,


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