Having Extra Grace and Patience as Our World Re-Opens

As our world begins to re-open people are all over the place with how to feel and how to react. You may already know how you feel and what you will do as things open, but some people are still figuring things out.

There seems to be two sides to the spectrum.

1. There are some who can’t wait to go to restaurants and be with others, have parties, etc. They will try to make life look like it was pre-quarantine.

2. Then some people who are afraid to open their circle past the few people who are in it. They are still not leaving their homes except for essentials. They are uncertain how this post-quarantine life will look or how to begin opening themselves back up.

As you try to navigate things opening up remember…..

1. Take time to figure out how you feel about things.

It’s ok if other people don’t feel the same. Have grace for others and don’t make them feel peculiar for how they feel. They may be in the at-risk population and you don’t know or they may have been struggling with depression and isolation and need to expand their circle. It works both ways.

2. Feel comfortable and confident to set boundaries

Set your boundaries with confidence. Also remember, it’s ok for those boundaries to change.

3. You’re validated in the way you feel

Whether you’re opening up or staying in, you’re allowed to feel the way you feel! Be confident.

4. You don’t owe anyone anything

As adults it’s important to remember, we don’t have to explain ourselves. If someone questions the way you feel about things opening you don’t owe them an explanation. You are entitled to feel how you do.

To make this transition a little easier remember to have grace and patience for others. There is not a roadmap to tell us how to feel, but we can make things easier on everyone by not creating emotional roadblocks for others.

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