How to travel like us ✈️: Tips and Tricks We've Learned Over The Last 2 Years

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Over the last 2 years we’ve traveled quite a bit. We have done Vancouver twice, Iceland, Italy, France, Germany, Ireland, Dubai, and Africa 🤯 and that’s just our international trips.

We are often asked, how do we travel so often?

Many of our trips are either long weekends (Wednesday/Thursday - Sunday) or we block out dates sometimes 6 months to a year out to make sure they never get in the way of work.

We’ve been very strategic in planning our trips and this includes getting the most out of each adventure!

Here is a few tips on how to get the most bang for your buck and really embrace the culture of your trip!

Flights ✈️:

First and foremost, lets begin with what can be the biggest headache before you even start traveling; Finding flights!

Let me preface this by saying, we I love finding cheap flights so we don’t need the most luxurious flights. A nice flight is great but as long as it gets us from A to B we are happy.

Now, our go-to flight app we use is, Hopper. The great thing about Hopper is that it allows us to find the best times of the year to fly by price and gives you updates on when and how much the price of the flight is expected to rise and fall.

This has helped us properly plan and get a few steals along the way. Similarly, google flights does a great job of this as well. It takes some patience but it will be well worth your time.

Best Flight Days/Times:

We’ve found that Tuesdays, Wednesday and Saturdays are the best days to fly. Typically flights are always cheaper those days and if you’re wondering “what’s the cheapest times to fly?” You may not like our answer.

We’ve found that the cheapest times to fly is either a red flight, or flights leaving first thing in the morning 🤷‍♂️

No Checked Bags 🙅‍♀️:

I hate checking bags (fear of losing my luggage), Nicole on the other hand has no problem with it all.

Unless a trip is 2 weeks long, we always carry 1 back pack and 2 carry on’s. We keep it super simple and this allows us to save money and time.

Airbnb/ Embrace the Culture:

For us, an important part of traveling is embracing whichever culture we are in and for that reason, Airbnb’s have been amazing for us 🙌

We ALWAYS avoid staying in tourist areas and LOVE staying in a local neighborhoods.

Being in local neighborhoods allow us to get a better sense of the culture through the people we meet, restaurants and cafe’s, shops, and activities.

Don’t get us wrong, we still check out the tourist attractions but also understand the importance of seeing a city through a locals eyes.

Big Bus Tours:

Speaking of tourist attractions

Big Bus Tours may seem cheesy, but they have been very useful for us. If we have a short trip and want to see all the big “must see” tourist attractions, the big bus tours allow for best time efficiency.

You can spend a day or just a few hours on it and depending the city you’re visiting, you can see everything you’d like in a very short time.

Credit Cards vs Cash 💶:

Ok, this one took us a while to learn but its been extremely helpful in recent trips.

We’ve found using travel credit cards, such as capital one and chase, are great for international trips. We like to avoid the charges that come along with using ATM’s internationally and the tax when exchanging cash. So what we’ve been doing is taking out a small amount of cash from the ATM and charging everything to a credit card.

This helps us avoid unnecessary charges and accumulate miles for future trips at the same time.

The added benefit to using travel cards (depending on your bank), is that they may come with car rental insurance helping you save a few dollars when if you find yourself needing a rental.

Retreat, Vacation or Adventure:

Last but not least, lets talk identifying your trip before you even step foot on the plane.. This is a very important lesson we’ve learned within the last few months from 2 fellow fitness and travel enthusiast Cecily and Dusty Breeding.

Retreat: Are you looking to unplug, and relax?

Vacation: Are you looking to explore new cities and cultures?

Adventure: Are you looking to hike, backpack, find new ways to challenge yourself?

We are 2 years into our marriage and this post was eye opening for us. Thanks Team Breeding!

If you have any questions, feel free to hit us up! Enjoy!

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