Living Into Love

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Before you can fully love others you need to love yourself. How often are you telling others positive things then, as soon as someone says something positive about you, you either shut down or deny the compliment? 

I always thought I was pretty good at self-love until we recently had our niece at over for a sleepover. I have found that I am hyper-aware of the things I say, especially about my body when I am around kids. After all, negativity and hate is not something that children are born understanding. It is something that they learn from observing others around them. 

While Naila was here we were taking pictures. If she wasn’t there I would have normally said something along the lines of, “oh jeez, my arms look huge.” But, since she was there I held my tongue and look at the positives of the photo. She looked at the picture and immediately said, “oh Aunt Nicole look how cute we are!” If I would have been negative I would have ruined that moment of excitement for her. 

After she left I realized if I want her to see herself as a beautiful young lady, then I needed to set an example of self-love. Now obviously, somedays are harder than others to live into self-love, but making a conscious effort to curb the negativity has certainly helped me. 

Surround yourself with people who encourage and love. Pour into yourself as much as you pour out to others. Focus on what you love and what fulfills you.  

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