My 5 Work Space Must-Haves

Since most people have been working from home for almost 6 months, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite things to make my job easier.

1. Wireless Headphones!

While trying to type and move around the wireless headphone are a must. Some times I even wear them just to help drown out the noise.

2. A Comfy Chair

If you’re going to be sitting there all day it’s important to be comfortable. Don’t forget to think about your posture! Since we are no longer being seen by a bunch of co-workers it can be easy to let your posture go by the wayside. Try to be cognizant of how you’re sitting.

3. A notebook

I used to use so many sticky notes. Since I don’t have a dedicated office I can’t leave sticky notes laying around the house. Instead, I have a notebook just for work. If I get a call and my computer is not handy I write notes and they are all in one place.

4. Multiple screens

a. If you’re able to have dual monitors is a game-changer. That definitely makes things feel like I’m back in the office.

5. Hours

Know when you’re working when you’re off. Turn off your screens when you’re done. Since everything is happening in one space it’s important to have times when you know you’re on and off.

What are your work from home must-haves??

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