New Year, New You?

Actually, new year, same you. Right?

We hear the same thing every year don't we? "New year, New you".


The beginning of the year sparks people to make resolutions, yearly goals for us to strive for.

A lot of us look at the new year as an opportunity to start fresh, to rid ourselves of bad habits, and make the changes we've been longing to make.

The reality is although it's a new year, it is just another day.

With this day comes another opportunity for us to make a change and another opportunity for us to improve on what we're already doing.

We didn't magically change from December 31st to January 1st. It's the same us with the same problems, stresses, and habits. Each day provides an opportunity to make a change, and whether its January 1st of August 1st the sentiment should be the same.

For most, a new year isn't a strong enough reason to make a change. Change comes from something more concrete, something deeper within us. It's the reason why gyms are packed the month of January and quickly dwindle by the end of the month


With all this being said, we encourage you to use the new year as motivation to make a change (you read right). BUT BUT BUT! All we ask is that you please dig deeper and make change lasting for our sake and yours.


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