Places to Visit and Tips for Berlin

While we are abroad, we are constantly learning things about the places we are exploring. We like to visit places that locals recommend as well as the touristy stuff. Follow us on a few of our favorite places to explore while in Berlin. We will also give you some great tips!

Tip Number One: Find a central place to stay

Plan out what you want to do and figure out a central place to stay. Typically, when we travel we avoid staying in touristy areas. We get an authentic experience while still having a central place to stay. Since Berlin was so torn apart during WWII the train systems are not super direct. For example, one day we wanted to go to the Olympic Stadium, this was 10 miles are where we were staying. It was going to take us about an hour by bike to get there, but an hour and fifteen minutes by transit because we would have had to transfer to two trains and take a bus. We stayed in Neukölln and found it very central to get around.

Tip Number Two: The trains are on the honor system

If you're going to take transit know the rules ahead of time. We were taking the train to Panoramastraße for our bike tour of the city center and as we were walking onto the platform the train was coming so we figured we would grab our tickets to get out of the station on the other side. WRONG! In Berlin the train is on the HONOR system. When we got off the train we were shocked that we could just leave the station without having a ticket. We asked a local if the trains were free and they explained the honor system. BEWARE if you are caught without a ticket you will be fined 60 Euro. I would rather pay the 2 euro thanks!

Tip Number Three: Ask a Local about Bikes

Since the public transit is not super direct we did a lot of biking through the city. You will see bikes that you can pay to rent for the day at a kiosk or corner store. They are normally 12 euro for the day. However, ask a local or look into a local bike shop. We rented our bikes for 4 euro a day and could keep them as many days as we liked. The shop owner provided locks and checked the bikes to make sure all was working before we took off. Plus you get to support local.


The Olympic Stadium

The Olympic Stadium was amazing! We went on a tour through the whole stadium. Hertha Football teams plays out of this stadium. They showed us from the inside of the locker rooms to the memorabilia from the Olympic Games in 1936. This was an amazing thing to do. A great tip if you go in the warmer months. The olympic pools are open to the public in the summer. You can pay for a pass and swim where olympians competed in 1936.

The Olympic Stadium

Inside the stadium

Fat Tire Bike Tours Berlin

When we travel to a new country we love to see all of the "must see" attractions. We tried the Fat Tire Bike Tour in Berlin and LOVED it. We got to go through the whole city and have a tour guide explain all the different places we were seeing. Now you only got to see the outside, but then you can decide if you want to spend another day going to see the inside of any of these buildings. The tour was about 6 hours with a break for lunch in a beer garden in the middle of the day. These are just a few of the places we visited on our tour. TIP* Pack water and some snacks in a backpack. It makes the day much more enjoyable when you're not thirsty and hungry.

The Berlin Wall

Klunkerkranich Rooftop Beer Garden

While we were on our Bike Tour we asked our tour guide for recomendations. He said for a great view of the city and an awesome rooftop beer garden that is pretty hidden from tourist to go to Klunkerkranich. Now this place was super hidden! You have to go into a mall. Take the elevator to the top floor of the parking garage we got off thinking we were going to be in the beer garden, but NOPE. We were so confused we were going in out of the mall trying to figure out how to get to the beer garden. We were about to give up when we heard other people, we venture off and realized we had to walk up another level of the garage to get to the top. It was 3 Euro to get into the beer garden, but so worth it. They had games, food and of course great drinks.

Water Tour of Berlin

We asked a few locals one of their favorite things to do in the city. We heard from a few people that we should go on a boat tour of the city. They said it was great because you could sit and relax enjoy the water and have some great food and drinks.We went on a three hour tour, but both agreed that a hour and a half or two hour tour would have been just as fun.

A Relaxing View

We absolutely loved our experience in Berlin and are anxious to go back soon. If you are heading to Berlin and have any questions feel free to message us, we would love to provide any extra insight to make your trip as awesome as possible!

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