Quick and Easy 10 Minute Workout!

We all have days when we want to workout and it feels like time is constantly escaping us! No worries, we're here to the rescue you with a quick 10 minute workout!


Bosu Ball

Kettlebell(5 below sells low weight Kettlebells)

last but not least, yourself

This workout is an Amrap (As many rounds as possible) for 10 minutes and consist of 3 exercises:

1. Reverse Lunges : 20 Reps

2: Bosu Burpee: 8 Reps (Standard Burpee)

3: Alternating Single Arm Russian Kettlebell Swings: 20 Reps (Modification: Single Leg Glute Bridge)

Each of these exercises are great in their own way and will get your heart rate jumping. But you might ask, why specifically these 3 exercises??

Lets explain:

The reverse lunge is a great exercises that targets your glute medius, glute maximus, calves and quadriceps while also increasing your heart rate. The more dynamic your motion (always feel free to adjust as needed) the higher your heart rate. We chose reverse lunges instead of forward lunges because the reverse lunge is safer overall and will help you maintain a 90 degree angle to keep your knee aligned with your calf.

If burpee weren't hard enough, we added something to make them a bit more fun; a bosu ball. Adding the bosu ball will help engage your shoulders and core in the standing position, while also adding instability in the high plank position.(If you don't have a Bosu Ball just go without it!)

The alternating single arm russian kettlebells swing is a great exercise if you are already well versed in the two arm kettlebell swing (feel free to modify as needed). The single arm swing is great for creating midline stability and adds an anti rotation piece. If you want to challenge yourself this is the way to go!

Always remember:

Modify as needed! That goes for exercise and time depending on your fitness level.

Try this workout out and let us know how it goes!

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