South Africa! Cape Town: Part 1

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We recently spent a week and a half in South Africa, needless to say, we LOVED IT!!! With that said, I think we're going to have to split this blog post into multiple post lol

Heres a little background of the trip. We were here to attend 2 of our best friends wedding, and during this week and a half stretch we stayed in 5 different homes, drove 16 hours, 3 different hikes, 3 different tours, 3 game reserve drives, visited 5+ cities, and had many amazing meals with 12 incredible people.

Sigh... with that being said, lets start at the beginning and one of the most beautiful places we've ever been, Cape Town!

Cape Town

First impression driving toward our Airbnb was one of awe. We were so mesmerized by the incredible view we were hit with within the first 20 minutes we pulled over on the side of the highway to capture what was one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever witnessed sitting on top what looked like a sea of clouds.

We stayed in an area called Camps Bay known as the "Beverly Hills" of Cape Town. Gorgeous area with view of the mountains, ocean, and other beautiful villas all around you. The people are extremely kind, and the exchange rate ($1:R15) makes staying at an airbnb and food shopping extremely affordable. August is when it is transitioning from Winter to Spring, so we were sure to bring a few layers just incase it wasn't as warm as we hoped.

Table Mountain:

The first order of business in Cape Town was the tackle Table Mountain. Table mountain stands 1,086m above Cape Town and is its most recognizable land mark. This mountain truly has a one of a kind landscape and its biodiversity is second to none. There are 4 different trails that you can do on Table Mountain. Platteklip Gorge Trail, India Venster Trail, Skeleton Gorge Trail, and 12 Apostles Trail. For our trip, we chose to do the Skeleton Gorge Trail. Skeleton Gorge is 6.2km is distance and gives you a rainforest/jungle feel when hiking. Skeleton Gorge also features table mountains only beach! You may be wondering, How??? Yea we were wondering the same! But although it is a mile high, thanks to the reservoir you can see a one of a kind beach on your way to the top of table mountain.

Although the weather wasn't the best and it was very cloudy during our hike, we made the most of it and had an amazing time!

Cape Town Food Tour:

Two days into Cape Town, we spent the day on a Cape Town food tour! As much as we prioritize our training and our nutrition, we LOVE food, especially experiencing cuisine from other cultures. Needless to say, we couldn't wait to do this!

First stop on our tour was Truth Coffee Roasting. Truth Coffee Roasting was once voted the worlds best coffee by Daily Telegraph and it truly lives up to its name. With a cool, slick, steampunk vibe, TCR gives you a one of a kind experience that I have not seen anywhere else come close to. Nicole likes coffee and I usually only have a latte (white girl vibes) but we both tried their black coffee and agree, its best coffee we ever had! Something else worth noting is that the coffee shop has its our Barista Academy and Truth after dark dessert tasting experience featuring their Paris born Michelin star pastry chef.

Second Stop on our tour was not for food but something more important, history. We stopped by the District Six Museum. The District Six Museum is a memorial Museum dedicated to tell the stories of those who lost everything in the 1960's when the apartheid nationalist government came in and forced the movement of 60,000 residents of District Six. Noor Ebrahim is one of the founders of the District Six Museum and one of the many people effected by what happened in the area. We had the pleasure of speaking with him and hearing his story and it was simply astounding. This was a truly compelling stop on our journey throughout South Africa and one that may have touched us the most.

The third stop on our tour took us toward the railway station where food from several parts of Africa are served. Here we tried authentic South African cuisine that blew out minds! The delicious feast of chakalaka, beef, spinach, and pap, with the fusion of some amazing African spices was absolutely amazing.

The fourth stop on our tour took us to Biltong and Blade. Biltong and Blade sells a variety of dried, cured meats from all over South Africa. We had an opportunity to try oryx, kodu, cow, zebra, pig, and ostrich. Definitely a game changing experience and now I'm addicted to this! Something to note, don't try to bring biltong back into the U.S, it will be confiscated if declared.

The fifth stop on our tour was in the Bo-Kapp section of Cape Town that featured amazing desserts and treats by Wardia. Wardia wakes up at 3am everyday to make her own pastries milk tarts, samoosa, and curry. She stays out until 2pm at the latest and gives left overs to people in need. Her food is to die for and her personality will keep you coming back.

Our fifth and sixth stops were Cape Town Gin and Honest Chocolate.

The gin revolution is happening throughout the world and it has become the drink of choice in South Africa. It was great to stop by Cape Town Gin and learn more about the cocktail of choice and how they are making an impact with the rising number of exports.

Our final stop was Honest Chocolate. Honest Chocolate prides itself on its bean to bar ethical chocolate resulting in a smaller environmental footprint. This is made possible by utilizing Tanzanian cacao beans, not over sugaring their product, and using old school hand crafting methods.

Part 2 is coming next week!

Until then, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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