South Africa! Part 3

Hey everyone!

Back for the 3rd and final (sad, we know) installment of our South Africa blog series. Whenever anyone ask what's the best part of our trip, its hard to pin point one thing because everything was so special in its own way. But if we had to pick, it would be the safari! We both have always wanted to go on a safari since we were children and we were able to make the dream a reality. But before we go too far into that, lets start with the scariest part of the trip, bungee jumping!!

Bloukrans Bungy

Bloukrans Bungy is the highest bungee bridge in the WORLD at a height of 216m (708ft, CRAZY).

I was nervous for a week leading up it! This was my first time and at one point I was sure I was going to back out. We showed up right as they were opening first thing in the morning and you guessed it, I was the first person to jump that day. After registration, they bring you to an area to begin prep. Everyone there has a calming presence and is extremely nice, and if you're there to just watch and support, they say that they're really good at convincing people to jump (ask Nicole).

After prep, you take which feels like the longest walk ever (when you're frightened of jumping off a bridge) to the zip line area! I had no idea there was a 200m zip line to the bungee area! Good thing I had an experience on a zip line but its still over 216m and scary nonetheless. After the quick zip line, I landed in the bungee area where there is music blasting, people dancing, and smiles all over. It all felt like a party and I thought all of this would make me feel better but I was even more nervous than I was before!

The view gorgeous and the people incredible but there was still this jump I had to take and I knew I couldn't back out now. On this windy 60 degree Saturday morning, they secured the harnesses on my feet and chest right before I hopped to the edge of this 216m bridge. As I looked out into the gorgeous mountains, before I could get comfortable, all I hear is 1, 2, 3 BUNGEE!!

The fall was fast and my adrenaline was pumping! The moment my feet left the bridge the fear in all of my anticipation dissipated and it was all adrenaline from there. After about 4 bounces you begin to just dangle from this string but the view and the feeling was AMAZING! After I was pulled to the top and reached the jumping area, in the moment I felt like I could do it again! When asked about if I would ever do it again my answer has always been the same "In the right circumstances with the right people, I definitely would". My days of jumping out of planes (visit the Dubai Blog) and jumping off of bridges are done...for now ;).

Amakala Game Reserve

When we say this part of the trip was something special what we really meant to say was that it was magical. Amakala Game Reserve was one of the most amazing places we have ever stayed and experienced. Amakala is a 5 star game reserve that provides 2 game drives each day at 6:30am-10am and 3pm-6:30pm, open bar, an incredible breakfast lunch and dinner menu, and the best service we've ever experienced. The lodge has only 8 tent so it's nice and private. Oh and not to mention, our room was incredible!!

Hanging out at the lodge

Over the span of 3 days, we were able to see elephants, Kudu, Wildebeest, Lions, Zebra, Warthog, Jackles, Giraffe's, Ostrich and sooo much more! We had the best guides who were incredibly knowledgeable and each ride we'd stop for 30 minutes for a snack and cocktails!

The first day we arrived we were a little behind schedule, (our GPS had taken us the wrong away uggg). Our hosts were soo gracious, they waited to take us on the game drive and packer our delicious lunch to go so we could enjoy them on our drive. Upon arrival they gave us a tour of the space then we were escorted to our "tent" where our bags had already been delivered.

The first animals we saw on our drive was like out of a movie. Nicole let out a childish squeal as we came upon a dazzle of zebra and journey of giraffe. (we learned all the animal phrases) We sat and watched the animals and enjoyed our lunch. (And learned how to call a giraffe.)

As our drive continued we saw some Kudu (awkward.... we were eating kudu burger) and Hartebeests.

As we headed back to the lodge we saw a gorgeous sunset and anticipated our fire and bath. YES..... they run a bath for you and have a fire going in your tent for your return from the drive!

After your bath and relaxation a delicious three course dinner is served!

The next morning the drive began again and we witness a herd of elephants making their trek up a ridge to a watering hole.

Don't forget the lone bull

Team photo!

Relaxing at the lodge

Where our amazing meals are served

Good Bye South Africa We will Miss YOU!

This trip was more amazing than we can even put into words. When people ask us about the trip it is almost overwhelming to recap everything. I guess we will just have to go back and bring everyone with us so they can experience for themselves! South Africa you will always have a piece of our hearts. Thank you for sharing with us!

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