The importance of a morning routine.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?? Guess what… either way, having a morning routine will help you to have a more productive day. Whether you wake up with 30 minutes to do your routine or 2 hours the routine is what will give you a more productive day.

In terms of productivity….

It sets the tone for the day. It allows you to start the day by your controlling your schedule and not the other way around. Starting the day in control will allow you to make choices to continue to get things accomplished throughout the day.

In terms of self-care….

Statistically, people who start the morning with yoga, meditation, journaling, a workout will make healthier choices for themselves throughout the day. I mean, I get that. If I start that day on the wrong foot, sometimes I think ehhh…. well I’ll start fresh tomorrow. If you start the day making yourself and your health a priority the rest of the day will fall into line more easily.

In terms of mental health….

Having a routine will help you to feel more in control. It will help you cope with change and alleviate stress. Even when things are changing and are different you still have your routine.

4 steps to creating your morning routine

1. Pick a time frame

Be realistic

2. Figure out what you can do in that time frame

3. Pick the things that will help you feel clear for the day

4. Implement!

My morning routine

Takes me around 40 minutes

1. Wake up around 7/730

2. Make my bed (if my hubs isn’t still asleep)

3. Brush my teeth (having things I can mentally check off is really helpful for me to feel accomplished)

4. Ten minutes of stretching

5. Devotional

6. Practice my Spanish lessons

7. Start the workday by 9!

What’s your routine?

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