The Lift Loop

I absolutely LOVE training. Chances are if you're reading this you do too (or at least enjoy it) Throughout life, we hit rough patches in all areas of our existence. Whether that is family, work, school, training, relationships or health, rough patches are bound to happen no matter who you are.

What I’ve found that helps me to overcome rough patches and be my very best is something I like to call the lift loop.

There is Absolutely. Nothing. Like. It. The lift loop happens when you train and life seems to just come together. From work to your workouts and everything in-between, you feel like you’re in the zone and firing on all cylinders. When I’m on a consistent training program, everything in life seems to become super clear and things just click.

The lift loop is what happens when the mind and body are in sync, when one translates to another. When the lift loop is at its best, the energy, hard work, focus you put into each workout seeps into your everyday life. It creates a wave of energy that makes you want to get after it in all aspects of life. And the benefits will have you feeling great, looking great; sleeping great, and most of all you'll be energized! Why the hell not exercise? I Train like I Live, I Live like I Train This was profound to me. Here in lies the correlation between life and training, i.e. the lift loop. When I create a plan to improve my fitness in some capacity and get after it, my life then begins to take on the same intensity I use throughout my training. It's as if my life begins to mirror my workouts and vice versa.

When I don't B.S and really give 100% during my workouts, there's nothing outside of the gym that can be done less than 100%. At the very least, if you don't give 100% you will want to make it up in another aspect of your life. Exhibit A Below:

At the end of a fun, 6:30am November Project workout. We did timed sprints where the time limit decreased by 10 seconds after each round. E.g: We have 60-seconds to spring 100 yards to the tree and 100 yards back to the starting point. During this hellish exercise, we reached the 40-second limit and afterwards my cardiovascular system was spent. I opted out of (what was unbeknownst to me) the last round of 30 seconds. I was pissed.

The truth I knew deep down inside is I had enough gas in the tank for another round but dropped out, and when the last round was over I felt guilty for not giving it my all.

Later that day, I did another workout to supplement that last round that I checked out on (take that cardiovascular system).

Here are a few tips on how to help create that energy:

Schedule your workouts for the week and stick to them: Works like a charm. When you have an idea of what your training week looks like it’s more difficult to veer off.

Meal Prep the weekend before: Want to stay on top of your clean eating, macros, or whatever the hell keeps you on track? This is the way to do it.

Get a training partner or Personal trainer: It’s easy to let yourself down and skip a session, but what about skipping out on a friend/trainer who's expecting you? Don't be that guy/gal. It works like (another) charm.

Get your priorities straight: Maybe the most important tip. Ask yourself, where is your health on your list of priorities? This will help give you a realistic look at what you're willing to do and where to start on your journey.

"The standard you set during training will trickle into your everyday life" ​Lift and Learn. Enjoy the journey.

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