The Quarantine Stretch Routine!

Hello everyone!

Finding a new normal can be extremely taxing during this time, but building a proper routine in some form or fashion can be a game-changer. If you've been searching for that, we're here to help with a stretching routine!

Did you know that stretching stimulates receptors in the nervous system that decreases the production of stress hormones?!?!

We all can use a lift during this time. What if you can drop the stress and come out of this a bit more flexible? It sounds like a win to us!

Let's begin!

Do 3 Rounds of 30 seconds each stretch. If you are age 40 and above, please hold for 30-60 seconds each stretch.

The stretches below can be done every day and keep an eye on how you progress (celebrate it too).



Lying Piriformis Stretch:

Happy Baby:

Hip Opener:

Shoulder Dislocates:

Squat Sky Reach:

Let us know in the comments below how and if any of these have helped! We will be dropping more blogs with some exercise routines over the next month.

Stay safe out there!

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