Timing Success

Our top 3 tips to optimize time management

1. Prioritize what you have to get done

a. Make a list of the things you want to do or try then break them down by the year, month and week. Set goals as to when you want to have these things done.

b. Put things with a deadline that you MUST do at the top of the list for the month. (if your car registration isn’t due for two months, work on something else first.)

2. Manage Your Day to Optimize Your Brainpower

a. Did you know that there have been many studies that show that people are most productive during their first 3 hours of waking??

b. Your brain is more energized and focused at the beginning of the day. You can retain information and focus better than later in the day. Your brain is primed to tackle problem-solving, critical thinking and strategy type projects. Therefore, start your day with something that takes brainpower. Leave the laundry, cleaning and busy work for later in the day.

3. Pick in an environment that works for you!

a. Do you get distracted by the tv?? If so, working from home is probably not the best place to get things done.

b. Do you get distracted by noise or people watching?? If this is you, a coffee shop may not be the place for you. I personally work really well when there are people around inside a space but there has to be little movement. I would chose a table at a coffee shop away from the door or counter.

c. Do you need a space where you can spread out and possibly collaborate?? A co-working space may be fantastic for you! Rec Philly is a co-working space for creators. They have a big room if you want to be around people and have the ability to collaborate with others or they have rooms you can rent with your monthly credits to have a quieter private space to work.

What's your favorite tip for time management?

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