6 Activities to Soothe Your Quarantine Woes

Are the quarantine scaries starting to get to you? Have you already binged more than your fair share of shows? Try something that will keep your mind moving and give you a skill that you can use in the future. You can do these things virtually with friends, grab someone in your house to do them with you or enjoy by yourself!

Let’s come out of this with something gained!

When else will you have nothing but time?!

1. Make that photo book you’ve been saying you want to do

  • Make a good old fashion scrapbook for use a website such as snap fish to create your masterpiece then purchase at a later date.

2. Create a culinary experience

  • Do you ever say I want to make this …. But it takes so much time?!

  • Well, all we have is time!! Find that recipe you have been wanting to make and have a delicious experience

3. Have a paint day.

  • Pull out your painting supplies find a tutorial online and paint a masterpiece!! Make it extra fun and do a virtual paint date with your friends!

4. Learn to dance!

  • When is a better time than now?! Find a tutorial and get moving!

5. Begin to learn another Language

  • Duolingo is a free app that will help you to learn the fundamentals of another language

6. Get moving

  • How long have you been saying you want to be more active but you’re too busy or something gets in the way. Now is your opportunity!

  • Go on a run (stay 6 feet away from other)

  • Go on a bike ride

  • Start your day with a yoga flow

  • Find an online training session

  • Talk to your trainer and do a virtual session or have a personalized online program

What are you doing to stay busy??

Comment your favorite activities so far!

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