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Updated: Nov 1, 2019

What a breathtaking city, as we flew in you could see the vast landscapes of mountains, water and city all within a 360-degree view. Vancouver was very different from the European cities we have visited in this aspect. While in Paris or Rome you get the city, but not the nature, where as Iceland and Ireland you get the landscapes, but not the city feel. Vancouver, you get a little bit of everything. This photo was taken at Canada Place, it seemed to be where the pulse of the city starts. Canada Place is home to the cruise ships dock, the convention center, the World Trade Center, as well as a wonderful running path and plaza with restaurants and places to have a picnic lunch.

We came to Vancouver for Lululemon’s SeaWheeze, half marathon in 2017. The city swells by 10,000 people for this event. It was alive with the hustle and bustle of the runner excited to explore the new city.

*Tip the train system is super easy to navigate, so take the train from the airport into the city instead of spending money on an uber or taxi.

We stayed in an air bnb a few blocks from Canada place. It was very central and a lovely place to stay. The weekend of SeaWheeze is VERY expensive to visit the city. Knowing that rentals are at a premium, the prices inflate. Therefore, if you’re not running go a different weekend for better prices. We were there in late August and wore shorts or capris during the day but wanted a light jacket or longer pants for the evening.

*Tip: Check the weather ahead of time so you bring the right layers.

A little area that we LOVED exploring is known as “Gastown.” It is full of great stores and excellent restaurants. (Vancouver has a fabulous restaurant scene, so come hungry) A few of our favorite places to dine were MeeT, Tacofino, and Cartems Donuts. It was a great thing we were running so much with all the delicious eats! Gastown also is home to the Lululemon Lab store, where they have small samples of test products that are not in the other stores. If you’re in the area check it out!

On our first morning in Vancouver we rose bright and early and met up with Vancouver’s November Project group to workout. November Project was started in Boston by a group of people who wanted to work out outside no matter what the weather was. November Project has since grown to 49 locations in cities all around the world. The workouts are completely FREE and are full of great people to connect. Check out their website and see if there is a location where you will be traveling to next!

Another favorite adventure was the Capilano Suspension Bridge and Tree Top Adventure. The bridge is about a twenty-minute drive from the city center, BUT the city offers free transportation to and from the bridge. Check out their free shuttle service for times and pick up locations! The bridge was breath taking and so much fun to hike around the treetops. This adventure will take you no more than three hours, but make a half day of it and enjoy lunch in the treetops!

Most of our trip was full of SeaWheeze activities such as yoga, music, running and meditation, but what we were able to see of the city was breathtaking. I would 100% recommend planning a trip! A long weekend should suffice.

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