What is 1430?

What does the number 1430 mean to you?

The fabulous Mark DiFilippo, our amazing meditation coach asked something very simliar to this at our first one-day-reset. It has changed my perspective on things.

So what does the number 1430 stand for? It’s the number of minutes you would have if you took ten minutes out of the day to do something a little extra or you. If you sleep 7 hours and work/commute 9 hours a day you still have 470 minutes left in the day for yourself. That’s a little over 7 hours for “you” time. Think about it out next time you tell yourself ehhh I don’t have time for that. Is it that you don’t have time? or is it not a priority?

What made me put value into this concept (this may seem silly) was putting on lotion after my showers! How ridiculous! I thought I had so much going on I couldn’t take two minutes to put on lotion. Now when I say... “I don’t have time for that” I think, is it that I don’t have time or is it that I don’t want to prioritize it?

Things that I have started doing with my extra time:

Ten minutes of yoga the morning

Five minutes of meditation

And of course,

Putting on lotion after my shower lol

Slowly the thought of "I don’t have time" turned into I want to make time for this. Now everyday is different and by no means do I do all these things everyday, but the idea that I have the freedom to because I’m not being held hostage by time is so refreshing!!!

Those ten minutes turned into thirty minutes, thirty minutes turned into an hour, and an hour turned into a few hours. Take 30 minutes before bed to read or to just take some quiet time for YOU.

Take ownership of those minutes, start by taking 1440 and turning it into 1430.

See how it goes!

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