What is your love language??

The idea of a love language may sound foreign, but it's important to understand how you actually feel loved and how people you care about feel loved. Is it fair to be upset with someone for not loving you how you need to be if you don't know how that is?

For example, while Victor and I were engaged my mom gave us a book for newlyweds and it made a great point, if you feel love by quality time and your partner keeps giving you gifts, you're not speaking the same language to each other.

Now, this is not just for couples, it is important to know this for all relationships. So what are love languages??

1. quality time

2. pysical touch

3. gifts

4. acts of service

5. words of affirmation

How do you find out what your love language is?? Take this ten-minute FREE quiz. Answer the questions honestly; most of the time what comes to your mind first is the most accurate answer. Don't overthink it.

After you get the results, share them with the people you love!! Additionally, share this quiz with other people. Many times you will show love for people in the language you want to be shown, but remember, other people may speak a different language.

What is your top love language??

Mine is words of affirmation!

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