Finding The Silver Lining During Quarantine

Without a doubt, we are in scary times. The global pandemic (COVID-19) that is currently happening is unprecedented and we are all currently navigating these muddy waters while trying to keep our heads afloat. Understandably, it is easy to fall into fear, anxiety, panic, and a host of other emotions that something of this magnitude would stir up. But, what if...within what seems like a curse that shrouds our minds in darkness with each depressing article we read (fear-driven or not), there was a small silver lining?

A silver lining that we can only see if we choose to.

A silver lining that in some form, we may have wanted all along.

A silver lining that this curse had launched us towards....but the thing I worry about is..... there's a chance we may fly by without even knowing it.

What if I told you through all of this madness, the silver lining was time?

Time to create the things we've always wanted, but for whatever reason haven't had the time to do.

Time to organize the things we've put on the back burner forever.

Time to explore who we are and what we really want.

Time to connect with friends and loved ones (Virtually of course LOL).

Time to find balance.

Time to go inward.

Please understand, this is a scary time for many of us whether that is due to the possible health, financial, and/or employment implications of the COVID-19 virus. That cannot be overstated enough and we need to have compassion and empathy for each other during this time. But within all of that, I like to look at this in some ways as a pause in the action, a moment to go inward when our external world is in chaos. I challenge you to take a moment to reexamine what's important to you, rediscover your creative side, reimagine your life when things go back to normal.

Some of the ways we are looking inward to find balance is through meditation, reading, sleep, journaling, devotionals, and exercise.

How do you plan to go inward? Let us know in the comments below!

Last but not least, please be safe and know we are stronger in the community.

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