Why Wellness: Part 2

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

For me, there has always been a correlation between exercise and life. You see, I found that the way I felt during my training sessions directly impacted the way I moved throughout my life, and I don't just mean physically. This was more mental than anything else. When I pushed passed preconceived limitations in the gym, my confidence grew and I felt I could do the same in every facet of life. When I am on a consistent training and nutrition regimen, my habits outside the gym fall into place. Training helped me raise the bar for myself, which made me set bigger goals to what else I could accomplish.

Simply put, training enhanced every aspect of my life.

Except one.

My latest transformation came in the form of my "emotional muscles". For so long I focused building strength, aesthetics and my understanding of what works for me to feel my best physically in and out the gym. This included exercise, nutrition, sleep, etc. As I eluded to earlier, this confidence only boosted my ambition and translated into me going after everything I wanted in life as if my days were numbered.

All of this sounds great, but the problem comes when you don't give the proper attention to you emotional muscles. I largely ignored different emotions that came up, unless they were conducive to what I was trying to accomplish. I always thought showing emotion made me weak, especially in professional environments. My low emotional EQ came too ahead 2 years ago when we had three big changes happen in our life. We got married, moved to Philadelphia, and changed jobs all in 3 months. All great things were happening and on top of the big 3, I was invited to the Lululemon Ambassador Summit, we were traveling the world like we wanted, and had all the love one could ask for.

After it all, I was extremely anxious and depressed and couldn't understand why.

Have you ever tried to run on a hamstring that was injured? Thats how it felt. I was so focused on running to do the next thing just to prove who I felt were rooting against me wrong, but more importantly, to prove to myself I was worthy of everything that came my way.

Needless I had a lot of emotional baggage I needed to unpack and the gym wasn't going to fix that, especially since I had labrum surgery looming at the end of that year. After surgery, I took a lot of time to look inward, and it wasn't easy at all but I knew the benefits outweighed any insecurities I had about the process. I tried a lot of different methods but I knew deep down I was half assing it.

So I decided to go to therapy, (and learned to flex those emotional muscles). That was the best decision I made because it was a space where I could not only unpack memories, trauma, etc, but it also gave me a chance to look into the mirror and frankly own my shit

So when we pose the question, why wellness?

We see wellness as more than just being in good health. It is having the ability to not only be better for yourself, but also those around you. It's enjoying the highs and lows of constantly challenging yourself to be better day in and day out in every way. It's our willingness to take on challenges outside the gym the same way we take on challenges inside the gym, head on, even with the presence of fear and doubt.

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