Program Break Down 

Step 1: The process begins with a phone consultation where we will establish a base line of

what you current physical activity level is as well as what your relationship with food is like.  After your phone consultation we will set you up with our preferred tracking programs True Coach and My Fitness Pal. These are the tools we will be using to track your food and training. You will be able to communicate with us through True Coach. All of your workouts and nutrition information will located in True Coach. The training is complete with videos of each exercise and with goal tracking. My Fitness Pal is a free tool that you will use to log your food. This tool allows us to view your food diary.


Step 2: Week one of your program.

After establishing your training base line we will ask you to track all of your eating for a week so that we can make achievable macro and calorie goals. While you are tracking your food you will begin your training. NJ and PA clients will have a one on one training assessment available for them this week. 


Step 3: Week two of your program.

Your second week will begin with a second check in. We have now been able to see you habits with eating. We will be able to give you realistic calorie and macro goals. This will be your first week of eating your goaled amount of calories. We will also check in with your training and tweak anything that needs to be changed.


Step 4: Week Three of your program.

We will continue with a phone check-in. This is your first check in after eating your goaled calories. We will go over how you are feeling with your eating. Any craving and if we need to change anything. Also, if you need more recipes or instructions for helping you to be able to achieve your nutrition goals. We will also check in with your training and change anything that is needed to be changed.


Step 5: Week 4 of your program.

This will be your last check in for two weeks. After the first month of your programming  you will begin having bi-weekly check-ins. Between the check-ins you can always contact us with questions or concerns through True Coach.

* We also offer Nutrition and Training Accountability Programs individually.